10th December – Public Meeting

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Springwell Residents Association Meeting
10th December 2019
Springwell Social Club

Chairperson Ms A Silk
Secretary Ms P Cooper

Committee Members
Ms M Lambton
Ms C Brown
Mr G Martin
Ms L Reid
Ms H Fife
Ms L Pickup

In Attendance
Cllr B Scaplehorn

Mr D Lambton
Cllr D Trueman
Cllr H Trueman

Approximately 25 residents attended.

  1. Minutes of the previous meeting were approved
  2. Matters Arising – Provision of Defibrillator in the Village. Councillor Scaplehorn reported than a defibrillator had been donated which meant that there will now be four in the Washington area –Springwell Village, Albany, Blackfell and Donwell. The installation money has been allocated from the Community Chest. The date for installation is not yet known.
  3. Police Report. The Police were not in attendance and had not provided a report despite requests. It was noted that there had been numerous reports on Facebook of criminal activity, mostly car crime but also a break-in at Low Mount Farm. A resident reported that CCTV images of the car crimes had been provided but the Police did not seem interested. Residents were told that a Police Officer – Kristofer Irving – was looking into the matter. He could be contacted by phoning the Police on the 101 number and giving his number which is 1455. Residents were reminded to keep car keys in a tin to deter thieves using electronic methods to unlock cars.
  4. Village Update. A) The Social Club has several events planned into next year including Christmas and New Years Eve parties and various tribute bands. B) Community Venue – the next 40’s weekend will be on 26th to 28th June. A Planning Meeting will be held on Saturday 18th January at 3pm in the Community Venue C) Bowes Railway – This year has been very successful with lots of events being held. All of the Christmas events are fully booked apart from Wreath Making on Thursday. D) Let’s Talk Sunderland – Councillor Scaplehorn informed the meeting that the Council is asking for residents opinions, queries and comments. Forms were distributed for residents to complete and return either to Councillor Scaplehorn or direct to the Council.
  5. Greenbelt: The Inspector’s report is still not yet available. Liz Reid reported that she believes we have won the fight on all sites except the Hellens site. There has been no progress on the Thompsons Planning Application. The Warren Lea Application has also not yet been decided. Northumbrian Water has applied for planning permission with Gateshead Council for installation of the water mains etc associated with the reservoir. Nothing further has been heard about building football pitches and buildings on the land next to the Waste Recycling Centre. The applicant had asked whether an Environmental Impact Assessment was needed. The Committee had submitted comments to the Council on behalf of SRVA but they were not showing on the Council’s website. Councillor Scaplehorn will follow this up.
  6. AOB – Following the serious accident outside the Pizza Shop, a resident asked who had responsibility for clearing up the mess eg broken glass and bits of the three cars involved. It was noted that this was the Council’s responsibility. Residents also queried the cars being left for long periods on unadopted/private land in the Village. It was noted that it is very difficult to get anything done about cars on private land. It was reported that some problems had emerged over the placing of a CCTV camera on Mount Lane to monitor traffic usage but it was still planned.
  7. Date & time of next meeting – 7 pm, 21st January 2020.

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