10th July 2018 – Public Meeting

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Springwell Village Residents Association
Public Meeting

10 July 2018
Springwell Social Club

A Templeman

P Cooper
L Pickup

G Martin

Committee Members
H Fife
C Brown
M Lambton

In Attendence
Councillor H Truman
Councillor D Trueman
Councillor B Scaplehorn

Approximately 40 residents attended

1. Apologies: D Lambton; M Johnson

2. Minutes of previous meeting – moved and seconded.

3. Every Drop Counts Project. Julia Bentley, a representative from this Project, attended the meeting. Project workers will visit any house (by appointment only) and assist householders in ways to save water. They will supply and fit some equipment and appliances eg taps that aerate water and fix leaks, if appropriate, at no cost. Any residents interested can visit Northumbrian Water’s website and find out how to access help.

4. Police Report. No Police representatives were able to attend but supplied information on crimes. This included a) thefts from the NISA store; b) Theft from a car; c) Abusive salesmen calling at houses; d) Loud noise from a party at a house and importantly e) stolen plants from many of the flower beds in the Village. These plants had been bought by money from grants and donations and planted by the residents. This appeared to be an organized and planned theft rather than impulse stealing. A photograph of the silver car believed to be involved has been given to the Police. Anyone with further information should either contact the Police or the Residents Association. Full report to go on SVRA website.

5. Flood Alleviation Works. The works are progressing well but have been delayed by a couple of weeks. This is due to encountering heavy rock as opposed to the expected softer sandstone. The ditch will be constructed over the next couple of weekends. The work should be finished by the end of July and reinstatement works finished in August. Another flood relief scheme is planned within the Village in the Blackberry Cottages area. If further information on this scheme is wanted, contact the Residents Association either through the website or the Facebook page.

6. Greenbelt Campaign. Time is running out to organize residents’ responses to the current Consultation. The Council has organized this in such a way as to make it complicated and time-consuming for anyone wishing to respond. Following pressure from Councillor Scaplehorn the Council agreed to hold a consultation event within the Village. Unfortunately this will take place a couple of days before comments need to be lodged with the Council and is for just 2 hours in the afternoon when most residents are at work.

7. As many people as possible are urged to attend this event as possible. It will take place in Springwell Village Community Venue on 24th July from 2pm to 4 pm.

It was agreed that a form for residents to sign will be drafted. Residents requested that this should be no more than one sheet of A4. The forms can be completed by anyone regardless of age or whether they live in Springwell Village. By signing the form, the person is agreeing with the views expresses therein, (proposed by the Residents Association Committee) and that their personal details be held by the Council Any personal information on the form will be sent to Planning Inspectorate – not used by other organisations- it is needed to verify people exist. These forms will be distributed to all households by volunteers within the next week and MUST be returned to either the volunteer, a Committee member or posted in the SRVA box in the Community Venue as soon as possible. As the end of the Consultation period is 27th July this matter is URGENT.

Councillors present at the meeting offered to make a personal donation towards the cost of printing objection letters.

It was explained that comments on the Plan would be processed by the Council and then it would be lodged with the Planning Inspectorate, an Inspector would then be appointed. SVRA had requested a public examination of the Plan rather than it be dealt with by written representations. Anybody could attend a public examination and people who wanted to actually speak had to say so on their representation forms.

The proposal that Liz Reid and Angela Templeman give evidence to the Planning Inspector when the Plan reached the Examination in Public stage was unanimously supported. The meeting was asked if anyone else wished to do so – none did.

Volunteers came forward to help with distribution of forms.

Date and time of next meeting: 7 pm, Tuesday, September 4th 2018

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