13th June 2017 – Public Meeting

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13 June 2017

Chair: A. Templeman
Secretary: P.Cooper
Other committee members:
H. Fife
C. Brown
G. Martin
M. Lambton

Cllr. H. Trueman
Cllr. D. Trueman Cllr. B. Scaplehorn

M. Johnson
S. Thomas
L. Pickup

Approx 30 Members of the Public Attended

1.The minutes of the previous meeting were moved, seconded and agreed.
2. Police: 38 reports – 13 of significance:6 thefts of wheelie bins, 1 theft of car (Heugh Hill), 2 Anti Social Behaviour (+ 2 at Mill House inc 1 for loud music), 1 burglary (Poplars), 2 assaults (1Guide Post, 1 Highbury Drive) and 1 damage to property.

3. Bowes: Thanks for patience while wall is being restored. Temp lights will be installed when covers are being removed.

Will be closed Sat 17 for ticketed Photo Charter event (£50 per ticket) for exclusive access. Apols for inconvenience.

Joinery Shop now upgraded to H&S standards – joinery courses for volunteers being run over summer.

4 new p/t staff members to help develop opps for school and group visits, staff events and a cleaner/caretaker.

Opening hours are going to be changed to Fri, Sat and Sun with other days for group and school visits.

Need volunteers to meet and greet, gift shop sales, tour guides – Contact Amanda 07850916484
Washington Heritage event v successful.

Forties Weekend – over 100 children coming on 30 June to take part in Wartime Evacuation Day.
Sat 1 and Sun 2 July hosting Living History Team from WW2 Assoc who will be setting up
Authentic camps and there will be firing displays on both days.

Fully staffed tearoom, WW2 poetry and film footage from Washington School, 40’s style singing from

Gen Factor finalists, blacksmith demonstrations and tours.

4. Village Updates: Work with SVRA, Springwell Primary School and Groundwork- re-establish school gardening club, create bird and bat boxes for village and Seldom Seen, litter picking, planting in tubs and environmental education.

Following last meeting – confirmed that larger wheelie bins are free of charge but requests are subject to assessment by Council.

Traffic/road safety at west end of Mount Lane has been referred to traffic engineers and police CSO.

Beech Grove Flooding – on track for completion by end of year

5. Greenbelt Campaign: Mill House application for tepees was rejected and resubmitted on basis site is brownfield – SVRA objected.

Warren Lea – application to build two 4 bed houses was rejected (approx. 400 objections) and has been resubmitted on basis site is brownfield. Over 400 objections have now been submitted – planning expert has confirmed grounds for objection are correct and supplied case law to support them.

Thanks expressed to people working hard on the campaign and to residents who are supporting.

6. Thompsons: Fairhaven resident has agreed to have a dust monitor in her garden.
Meeting has been held with various council officers – noise and dust issues raised – further monitoring done and modelling been submitted. Timescale for decision unclear – may be referred to Secretary of State.

Environment Agency requested Emissions Management Plan. Openings in building have been closed or doors installed, concrete plant has been enclosed, mound around soil screening area has been constructed.

Resident of Railway Close objected to statement that there had been no complaints in last two months – he claimed one had been made when work on top of mound was causing dust.

Thompsons had met residents of Railway Close with Environment Agency – resident had no knowledge of any such meeting – SVRA to follow up.

5. Forties Weekend: Bunting has been installed around the Hall – residents are being asked for permission to install bunting in Springwell Road.

Wentworth’s car park will be available for people who have travelled long distances using vehicles such as camper vans.

School car park is available for stall holders and traders.

Info on what is aimed for can be found WWW by searching for “1940’s Weekends”.

Any questions – ring or email Springwell Village Community Venue

6. AOB: Gates in park -Resident thanked Council for responding to complaint and repairing the gates

Council Scaplehorn to follow up complaint re overgrown verges on the southern Springwell Road access to the village.

7. next meeting Tuesday 5 September 2017

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