14th March 2017 – Public Meeting

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PUBLIC MEETING 14 March 2017
Present: Chair A. Templeman
Secretary P.Cooper
Other committee members H. Fife
C. Brown
S. Thomas
G. Martin
Bowes Railway A. Cuskin
Cllr. H. Trueman
Cllr. D. Trueman
Apologies M. Johnson
M. Lambton
Cllr. B. Scaplehorn

Approx 40 Members of the Public Attended

1.The minutes of the previous meeting were moved, seconded and agreed.

2. Bowes Railway: Lots happening. Tea room and diesel engines being refurbished– to be launched at open weekend 1 April. Have acquired pit pony. There will be a mining event 3rd June with exhibition, traditional games, leathercraft and others. 1940s War Weekend 1st July – need volunteers and 40’s artefacts See Bowes Railway facebook page for further details.

3. Police: Next PACT meeting 20 March. New CSO is Melissa Cody
Damage to motor vehicle Underhill Terrace, 2 burglaries, one damage caused by youths throwing eggs at property, one theft of number plates from vehicle, one damage to wing mirror.

Four anti-social behaviour – youths causing nuisance – police will be visiting perpetrators.

Motor cycle disorder – expect possible increase as weather improves – please get numbers, descriptions if possible and call 101. Resident complained about motor bike disorder at top of Stoney Lane.

4. Village Updates: Gentoo has awarded SVRA a grant of £250 for plants
Brown bins: after committee complained about lack of info, residents who subscribed last year should now have been contacted about how to pay for collections this year – need to contact council and pay £27.50 – bins to be collected on same day as green bins.
Beech Grove & beyond flooding – Council currently carrying out modelling work which needs to be 100% accurate. Design works expected to start May/June – construction September at earliest. Resident enquired if works would address flooding on road – agreed to check.
Meeting re greenbelt campaign – Mount Community Centre – 10 April 7.30pm – Liz Reid to give presentation
Cllr Trueman clarified boundary of Springwell Village
1940s War Weekend: Council has given grant of £5k. Flyers will be distributed this week to residents. Re-enactors now beginning to book. Meeting at Bowes 1.30pm Saturday 18 March.
Food bank: collection point in chapel.

5. AOB: Gates in Seldom Seen park: Resident complained people are not closing gate and asked for signs – was explained signs have been stolen. Also asked why grid to prevent stray dogs entering had been removed – because child had had accident so they are considered unsafe. Was explained that dogs are not allowed in park without leads – stray dogs are not the problem but owners who ignore this.
Road sweeper/general tidiness: a complaint that the village was ignored was quashed – a sweeper had been in the village in the last two days. Another resident enquired about who owned land in vicinity of Thompsons because litter was a problem there – owner unknown but volunteer explained he had cleared that area recently.
Resident said that complaining about things not being done was not helpful and that more people should take responsibility for doing things that needed doing – applause from the floor indicated agreement

6. Thompsons: Committee has been in touch with Council and Environment Agency. Environment Agency said that they had received very few complaints about Thompsons as compared with other such sites – and encouraged people to call them if there were concerns.
Report from Council:

1) the mineral review is being carried out at the same time as planning application is being considered
2) they have asked Thompsons for further info on ecology, dust & noise. They are considering Objectively Assessed Need and all ‘evidence based’ relevant information
3) application will also be considered in the wider context of development (local?) plan and Greenbelt review
4) we will be notified when application is to be considered by committee, no indication yet of exact date
5) whatever the final decision, it will be referred to the National Planning Case Unit who will then decide whether or not to refer it to the Secretary of State

Report from Environment Agency:

Springwell Quarry compliance activities:
We have been carrying out regular unannounced compliance visits to Springwell quarry to ensure the two environmental permits at Springwell Quarry are operated in accordance with an effective management system. One of those permits relates to the Waste Transfer Station activities and the other permit controls landfilling activities. During those visits we have identified a number of issues which have been raised with Thompsons for action.
New ways of working:
We are working closely with Thompson’s senior management team to ensure that the Waste Transfer Station buildings are fit for purpose. New doors have been fitted and the gable ends of those building have recently been fitted with sheet metal panelling to minimise noise and dust emissions off site.

A noise bund has also recently been constructed on site (adjacent Railway Close) in an attempt to minimise noise emissions from soil screening activities which are carried out externally. Thompsons are planning to grass seed the bund in the next few weeks.

Thompsons have recently made further improvements to the wheel wash in an attempt to minimise mud and debris from being tracked onto the public highway. A road sweeping vehicle also carries out daily cleaning of the public highway.

With regard to the recycling of stone, brick and concrete in the quarry, Thompsons have recently made improvements to the crushers. More effective water suppressant systems have been recently fitted to both crushers to minimise dust emissions. Wind direction and speed are also closely monitored to determine if weather conditions are appropriate for crushing activities.

Thompsons have employed a consultant to improve how they manage dust on site. All dust generating activities have now been identified and new ways of working are being embedded to minimise emissions off site. This is considered work in progress and we will be closely monitoring those control measures to ensure best practice is applied at all times.

We have responded quickly and effectively to a small number of complaints received regarding the operations at Springwell Quarry. We have been active and have met residents in their homes to understand their concerns. We have built and sustained a good working relationship with the site manager which ensures solutions and outcomes are quickly made.

Due to the close proximity of housing and the site, it is likely that residents living close by will experience some noise. Our role is to ensure that this background noise does not increase and also to encourage and influence new ways of working at the quarry to reduce noise levels whenever possible.

If anyone does feel that they are being impacted by emissions from the site then we recommend that you contact our 24 hour pollution hotline on 0800 807060. Alternatively, if anyone wants advice around the performance of the site then you should contact the Waste Central Team on 0208 4748223.

7. Next Meeting: 25 April 2017

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