14th November – Public Meeting

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14 November 2017

Vice Chair M. Johnson
Secretary P .Cooper

Other committee members
L. Pickup
H. Fife
M. Lambton
D. Lambton
S. Thomas

Cllr. H. Trueman
Cllr. D. Trueman
A. Templeman
C. Brown
G. Martin

Cllr B Scapelhorn
Taryn Al-Mashgari (Environment Agency)
Amanda Cuskin, Bowes Railway Museum

Approx 40 Members of the Public Attended

1.The minutes of the previous meeting were moved, seconded and agreed.

Condolences were given to the family and colleagues of Councillor Paul Watson who had been a good friend of Springwell Village – had listened to concerns, attended meetings and gave advice – he will be sadly missed.

2. Police: DAMAGE TO UMV UPLANDS WAY ( wing mirror damaged, ip stated neighbour had chased some youths away prior to this. No known offenders )

SUSPICIOUS VAN NY52WXH :BEECH GROVE ( blue transit van driving slowly around the area and seemed to be looking through peoples windows , no other reports and vehicle came back insured etc)

VEHICLE OBSTRUCTION:SPRINGWELL ROAD ( car moved by the time PC attended) :1,ALBION TERRACE ( owner moved vehicle after been contacted)

THEFT OF 3 MOUNTAIN BIKE:25,MEADOWFIELD ( theft of three pedal cycles from garage. Garage was not broken into but had been left open)

DAMAGE TO VEH- NX57RYW:MILL HOUSE HOTEL ( Ips windscreen whilst parked in pub car park was smashed)

BURGLARY DWELLING:WORDSWORTH CRESCENT ( unknown offender approaches locked secure property enters rear garden via garden gate. Jemmys patio doors to enter property. Items taken to the value of £3500 including computer equipment and so forth)

COMP RE YOUTHS:WORDSWORTH CRESCENT (wheelie bin thefts by unknown youths, who apparently were taken to the railway lines to be burnt on a bonfire. This is a common theme across the whole of Washington during the run up to bonfire night)


STOLEN CHILDS BUGGY:HEUGH HILL (child’s buggy lying at side footpath taken by scrap van)

DAMAGE TO FENCE:STONEYLEA (unknown persons/youths have spray painted on IPs fence)

Report re youths potentially sniffing aerosols in the park. Please report any suspicions.

Officer prepared to help with the children from the school with planting bulbs etc
No reports yet re motorbike disorder but residents asked to please call 101 and give as much detail as possible to the call takers or email Mel Cody with the intelligence. Police unable to pursue pursue motorbikes, hence reason why details are needed.

3. Village Updates:-
Work (as part of the Healthy People/Healthy Places project) between SVRA/ Groundworks/Village school- planting of tubs outside NiSA has been completed – damage has been done to plants although it is uncertain if this was deliberate but need to keep an eye out.

The Healthy People/Healthy Places project between Groundwork/SVRA/Village School has proved to be very successful and has been extended to 20 sessions instead of the original 10.

The Council’s dog restriction notices were taken down from Seldom Seen as soon as they’d been put up. Residents reminded that no dogs are allowed at all in the play area and that dogs should be kept on a lead in the rest of the park. Failure to do so actually carries a fine.

Following residents’ concerns over road safety, the Council is doing a speed survey on Springwell Road in the vicinity of the school – 24hrs/day for one full week, including weekends. This will be in the form of two black sensor cables across the road and will give vehicle numbers as well as classification by type of vehicle. Residents are encouraged to use dash cams and take registration numbers of vehicles abusing the chicane and report to police. There is a possibility that a 20mph speed limit could be implemented next year but no guarantee.

Resident asked if Council had been requested to remove the chicane – one resident had asked.

Suggestion that residents could install cameras to monitor traffic (seems a relatively cheap option as council ones cost £500 for very short period of use)
Resident highlighted issue of speeding at Mount Lane/Mount Lonnen.

Flood resilience project with Village schoolchildren: Taryn from EA described partnership between Environment Agency and local authorities in T&W – working with schools to promote flood resilience. There will be a “Flood Week”, work with year 6 to formulate a “Flood Plan”, potentially a flood warden and a flood group.

Northumbrian Water (Rainwise Team) and ESH group involved – also NHS re health impacts of flooding. Environment Agency to host a community event – everybody welcome and encouraged to get involved. Committee to pass on details of Northumbrian Water reservoir contact to Taryn.

4. Bowes Railway: Amanda passed on thanks to people who supported fireworks event – a very welcome £2k had been raised.

Steampunk Winter Market to take place Sat 18 November, 10am-4pm, entry free. There will be a number of crafts and stalls.

Springwell Colliery Banner- a meeting of the banner group to take place Tues 21 November, 6pm at Bowes Railway to discuss taking banner to Durham Miners Gala.
Santa Event & Christmas Market to take place Sat 2 December, 9.30am-5pm. A few stall spaces still available for traders.

The steam engines will not be available but people can ride on miniature railway, tickets available from Ticketsource.co.uk

Springwell Village Community Venue Christmas Fair also Sat 18 November, 12-4pm

Springwell Village Community Venue is organising 1940s weekend 29 June – 1 July 2018. Meeting to discuss plans will be held 27 November, 6.30pm at SVCV.

5. Village Film: A short film made by residents about the village was shown. A resident suggested that the media department at Lord Lawson of Beamish School could help with the final production.

6. Next meeting Tuesday 16 January 2018, tbc.

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