16th January – Public Meeting

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PUBLIC MEETING 16th January 2018
Present: Chair L Reid
Secretary P .Cooper

Other committee members H. Fife
C. Brown
D. Lambton
S. Thomas
G. Martin

Apologies Cllr. H. Trueman
Cllr. D. Trueman
A. Templeman
M. Johnson
L. Pickup
M. Lambton

Guests Cllr B Scapelhorn

Approx 25 Members of the Public Attended

1.The minutes of the previous meeting were moved, seconded and agreed.

2. Village Updates:-
a) Beech Grove Flooding – Work was due to start January) but has been delayed. An ecological survey is to be undertaken this week to check for the presence of Great Crested Newts. If no newts are found work will start next week. If evidence of newts is found then work will be delayed until March. Mount Lane will be closed to vehicles on occasions during the 18 months the work will take. Only pedestrian access will be available on these days. No information is available about bus diversions for the No 23 bus.
b) Traffic outside the school on Springwell Road – A traffic survey has been carried out by the Council who feel that the traffic calming in place is still effective. However, a 20 mile zone is to installed hopefully during the next financial year between Hawthorne Terrace and Stoney Lane. Although there has been several incidents in the last few months, none have involved injury to people. Residents should continue to report any traffic incidents to the Police and the Council, taking photographs if possible.
c) Springwell Village Banner Group – Volunteers are needed to help with the Miners Banner (contact SRVA if you would like to help). It is hoped that the Banner will be part of a new permanent display at the Bowes Railway and will be part of the Durham Miners Gala and other events
d) Thompsons Planning Application – this has been delayed due to the ill health of the Council official who has responsibility for the application. This will be reallocated to a different officer but has led to an extension of 6 months to the deadline.
e) Groundwork – The collaboration between Groundwork, Springwell Village School and the SRVA has been very successful and has been extended to 20 sessions. More volunteers are needed for this. Contact SRVA if anyone can help. Residents need to be involved if funding is to continue.

3. Northumbrian Water Reservoir – A meeting was held between Northumbrian Water and residents(mainly from Broom Court) near to the proposed site. A condition of the sale of the site by Hellens was that an access road will be constructed. it is possible this will be built before the reservoir. The reservoir will be a rectangular box built into the hillside. The north-west corner will be below ground and the south-east corner will be 8 metres high. There will be a 22 degree incline on the slope. Construction dates are hoped to be between 2020 and 2025 and will take 2 years. The development still has to go through the planning process. A consultation event will be held with diagrams and plans. It was queried whether the access lane will be one or two lanes and whether the blind corner on the road has been taken into account. Councillor Scaplehorn noted that a full traffic survey will be undertaken as part of the planning application. He also informed the Meeting that residents can ask for the application to go to Committee which would allow residents to attend and give their views to the Councillors.

4. Police Report – The Police were unable to attend the Meeting or provide a report. It wasreported that the regular PACT meetings held with the Police and residents have been stopped but the police hope to be able to attend Residents Association meetings in the future.

It was reported that a house in the Village had been entered by thieves through an unlocked front door. Car keys were taken and the thieves drove away in the householders car. Residents were reminded to lock doors.

5. Core Strategy and Development Plan – It has been reported by the Council that it will probably be May before the outcome of the Consultation will be available. This should mean that the Council will need to use the revised method of calculating housing need. This is expected to work in our favour as this should reduce housing need by 5000.
A planning application to build 700 houses in Pallion on brownfield land has been made to the Council. This may also be an advantage to our Green Belt campaign. Councillor Scaplehorn reported that Pallion residents had made very few objections to the plans as the land was previously industrial use. Attendees voted unanimously to support the Application.

6. Any Other Business – Stolen Wheelie Bins. The Meeting was informed that more wheelie bins had been stolen and set on fire by teenagers. The Police had been informed at the time but would not respond, saying the Fire Brigade should be called. The resident was informed by the Council that they would have to pay for replacement bins. Councillor Scaplehorn said this was incorrect and any resident could contact him if having problems with stolen bins and getting replacements.

6. Next meeting Tuesday 27th February, 2018

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