17th April 2018 – Public Meeting

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17 April 2018

Chair A. Templeman
Vice Chair M. Johnson
Secretary P .Cooper

Other committee members
H. Fife
C. Brown
M. Lambton
D. Lambton

Cllr. H. Trueman
Cllr. D. Trueman
Cllr. B. Scaplehorn

G. Martin
S. Thomas
L. Pickup

Approx 40 Members of the Public Attended

1.The minutes of the previous meeting were moved, seconded and agreed.

2. Police Report:
Full report here.

22 Incidents of note – 16 crimes including theft from and damage to cars, theft from shed, theft of wheelie bins, reports of suspicious males and youths.

ASB issues relating to the area around the Pizza shop on Friday evenings, monitoring on next set of late shifts.

Allocated PCs and potential shadowing of areas meaning someone will cover village at all times.

3. Village Updates
Beech Grove and beyond flooding- work to alleviate flooding will start on Monday 23 April

Two way traffic lights will be in operation on Springwell Road for a distance of 50/60 metres on the stretch of road between Mount Lane and the Havannah Farm junction . This is to enable work on a sewer and will take place from 23 April to early May.

Mount Lane will be closed from 30 April until early June to enable drainage work to be carried out.

SVRA has been invited attend the launch event of ‘Every Drop Counts’, Northumbrian Water’s largest ever water saving campaign. The event will take place on 4 May with the intention of encouraging participation and spreading the word on how to save water.

WEE Recycling Project- Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment, to encourage recycling of small appliances, anything from old hair dryers to DVD players and even mobile phones. A roadshow will take place at the Hall on Friday 18 May, 11am-2pm followed by an amnesty event on Monday 21 May when pink bins will be delivered to the Hall where local residents can bring old or unwanted small WEEE to be recycled from 9am-3.30pm.

Result of Mill House Planning Appeal – site was inspected 10 April – no date has been given for decision

3. Bowes Update
Council has provided some funding towards 1940’s weekend (end June) – everyone asked to participate in decorating village.
Volunteers very welcome to take part in Community Garden where food crops will be grown and people can pick for their own use.

SVRA has got grant funding for hanging flower baskets on Club, Hall, Wentworth Builders, Chapel, Hairdressers and Barbers on basis owners provide brackets and look after them. SVRA also helping with planting around Hall once funding has been acquired. Volunteers needed to help.

4. Core Strategy and Development Plan – Council has produced very brief leaflet outlining issues that are emerging from consultation process – no building on greenbelt, issues with consultation and developers saying OAN for housing is underestimated, are a few. Leaflet says nothing significant. No timeframe for full report. SVRA is complaining to Planning Inspectorate about failings in consultation process.

5. Any Other Business – one complaint about lack of council services to address potholes, untidiness and lack of bins met with response citing lack of council funding and the need to accept residents need to look after the village themselves and respond to local issues as they arise. Generally people were prepared to collect litter etc and take pride in the village.
SVRA has applied for grant for larger bin. .Councillor Scaplehorn informed the meeting of a change in the law – owners of vehicles from which rubbish is thrown can now be prosecuted. Residents asked to take registration numbers and inform authorities.

6. Next meeting: AGM –Tuesday 29 May 2018

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