19th February 2019 – Public Meeting

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Springwell Residents Association Meeting
7 pm, 19th February 2019
Springwell Social Club

Ms A Templeman

Ms P Cooper
Ms L Pickup

Mr G Martin

Committee Members
Ms C Brown
Ms M Lambton
Ms M Johnson

In Attendence
Councillor B Scaplehorn

Mr D Lambton
Ms H Fife
Councillor H Trueman
Councillor D Trueman

Approximately 24 residents attended.

1. Minutes of previous meeting – It was asked if the minutes could be amended to show that Springwell Village Social Club fees read as £6.50 to join and £1 a year thereafter. This was agreed. The minutes were then moved and seconded.

2. Police Report
Three Police representatives were in attendance, including a new officer to the area, Martin Finn, whose extension number is 437 if anybody wishes to contact him. They reported 7 incidents, including theft from a car, intruders in the Quarry and a broken window. The full report from the Police can be found on the SRVA website. Residents were reminded to ensure cars were locked and no valuable items left visible in cars. There has also been damage to bus stops. A committee member reported this to Nexus and anti-vandal paint has been put on the bus shelter.

3. One of the Council’s Environment Enforcement Officers, Andy Poudlock, attended the meeting. Andy covers the Washington area and is new in post. His main issues include dog fouling and littering. He has undertaken covert and overt patrols in the Village. Contact details can be found on the Council’s website. A resident complained about problems with cats fouling in gardens but was informed that as legislation stands there is no action can be taken against cats or their owners. Residents were recommended to try various deterrents such as scattering chilli powder on the garden. Andy reported that residents seen by council officials not clearing up after their dogs have fouled will be fined. Members of the public can report incidents of fouling and littering to the Council but if the complaint is progressed they may have to attend Court to give evidence. It was also noted that dropping dog pooh bags near bins constitutes a littering offence. Andy noted that there are two dog control orders in effect in Seldom Seen Park. One forbids dogs being in the children’s play area and the other order means all dogs must be kept on a lead at all times. A £75 fine can be imposed. A resident complained about the state of the footpath between the Village and Eighton banks. Andy said he would get the path checked but they are unable to do anything to the land either side of the footpath. The problem of residents now having nowhere in the Village where they can exercise dogs off a lead was raised. The example of Saltwell Park was given, where there is a fenced area for dogs to be let off leads. Residents were told that as things stand this was not possible in Seldom Seen. They voted against approaching the Council for amending or rescinding the existing order.

4. Bowes Railway. The Bowes Railway is currently closed to the public. No reopening date is known. Likely to be March.

5. Village Updates
There is to be a discussion on the Village Forties Weekend on February 27th at 6.30pm at the Community Venue. People were encouraged to attend.

6. Development Plan/Greenbelt Campaign.
An update was provided by Ms Reid. The Plan is now with the Planning Inspector who will ask questions of the Council about preliminary issues. A report has been prepared in collaboration with a statistician raising concerns about the use of out of date and incorrect data in the Plan. This looks at the whole of Sunderland. Specific issues relating to Springwell Village now need to be addressed. Residents were asked to send photos of traffic problems to the Residents Association. The photos need to include date and time information. It is essential that as many people as possible attend the Examination in Public. Dates will be made available as soon as they are known. Meetings have been held with other protest groups but they are no further forward or have different information to us.

The Meeting thanked Liz Reid and Pauline Cooper for their extensive work on this matter.

Warren Lea Application for 2 dwellings. This application has been refused twice before by the Council. Over 400 objections have been sent to the Council for this third application.

7. Any Other Business.

There was no other business.

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