20th October 2015 – Meeting with Sunderland Council

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Springwell Village Residents Association

Committee Meeting

20 October 2015


Attendees: Angela Templeman, Pauline Cooper, Maureen Lambton, Dennis Lambton, Helen Fife, Steph Gray, Emma Hardy, Emma Gatens, George Martin, Michele Johnson, Liz Reid, Gary Clasper (Council) Alan Rowan (Council)

Apologies: Lesley Pickup

  1. Consultation :

a.Local Plan – 550 letters had been received by Planning Strategy – 89 were handed over. Signatories on the petition were in addition to this. These mean that signatories will be consulted on the local plan – not on anything else. It was agreed that GC would advise Development Management that signatories also wanted to be consulted on planning applications and for SVRA to confirm this by email. Online registrations are preferred by the Council.

b.A random sample of people have been consulted on the Strategic Housing Market Assessment – (including asking people what types of houses people require)

  1. Meetings with Landowners/Developers (FOI request) – there have been 3, including one formal pre planning application meeting
  1. Timescale for Local Plan

Currently identifying housing and employment needs. There will probably be four Options for Growth – consultation is expected in March 2016. It was emphasised that the weight and quality of argument is most important.

Strategic Land Review – each site will be assessed for its true potential. Brownfield sites will be considered first for housing development. Will include a review of Employment Land which should be completed by Christmas with growth options based on current and past trends, potential job creation and skills assessments to provide a basis for actions to enable a better take-up of jobs by local people.

  1. Comments from Developers/Agents on Local Plan have simply been listed – this does not mean the Council agrees with them.
  1. Hellens – no surprise that the school was mentioned in the recent press coverage. Council expects whoever has land interests will mention school.
  1. School- Council’s opinion is that there are suitability issues but that the building is structurally sound. The school is not under threat. It is expected the roll will remain static for the next five years.


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