21st January – Public Meeting

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Chairperson Ms A Silk
Secretary Ms P Cooper

Committee Members
Ms M Lambton
Ms C Brown
Mr G Martin
Ms L Reid
Ms H Fife
Ms L Pickup

In Attendance
Cllr B Scaplehorn
Cllr H Trueman

Mr D Lambton
Cllr D Trueman

Minutes of the previous meeting were approved

Police Report.  The Police were not in attendance but had provided a report.  The full report is available on the SRVA website. Reported incidents included youths throwing fireworks; shoplifting; several thefts from cars and suspicious vehicles driving around the Village. The Police ask that non-urgent incidents are reported using the 101 phone number and that residents continue to lock cars and remove any belongings from them. Arrests have been made in connection with car crimes and investigations are ongoing.

Village Update.
A) Speed Flasher Sign. Councillors reported that this issue has been ongoing for some time. They had decided to buy a sign from the Community Chest budget and that other Councillors also wanted them for their Wards. A bid has been submitted for the relevant finance. They had also been told that their pricing figures were wrong and that they are trying to get an update on prices. There is to be a meeting next week for Councillors to discuss this issue. 

B) Defibrillator Update – Work with Washington Forge Rotary is ongoing. A machine has been donated to the Community Venue and this should be installed by the end of February by Gentoo. Residents will need to be trained in its use, Angela Silk to lead on this.

C) Community Venue – the next 40’s weekend will be on 26th to 28th June. A Planning Meeting has been held and was attended by some Committee Members. More volunteers are needed to help with the event. SVRA will be judging the Scarecrow and Best Dressed House Competitions. As usual, there will be a number of activities and events for all ages. The Club and The Guidepost have booked a number of acts and are also arranging activities. It is hoped that more residents will get involved in decorating their houses. The next planning meeting will be on March 7th at 3pm (to be confirmed). 


Northumbrian Water  – the date for determination has been put back to the end of March. It is expected that the decision will be called in by the Secretary of State for consideration. 

The Inspector’s Report is now available. It is due to go to Full Council for adoption later this month. This Local Plan will last until 2033. Liz Reid reported that everyone was pleased to have won the battle on the main Peareth Hall Road, Stoney Lane and Brethren sites. The proposed NWL reservoir site will remain in the Green Belt. We are awaiting an application from Hellens for the site behind Beech Grove/Wordsworth Crescent. There is no further progress on the proposed plan for football pitches etc. opposite Mount Farm. It was noted that there are already a lot of football pitches around the area. Concerns were raised that if the football pitches plan went ahead the land might in future be deemed brownfield and vulnerable to potential development.

AOB – Traffic Monitoring – It has proved very difficult to find a time lapse camera suitable for recording traffic usage in the village. A resident will continue to look for suitable equipment.  Clarks Bank Hill – a resident was concerned about overhanging bushes. It was noted that it is the landowner’s responsibility to cut these back. Cllr Scaplehorn will check what powers the Council has to act in such situations.

Date & time of next meeting – 7 pm, 3rd March,  2020.

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