25th June 2019 – Public Meeting

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Springwell Residents Association Meeting
25th June 2019
Springwell Social Club


Ms A Silk

Ms P Cooper

Committee Members
Ms M Lambton
Ms C Brown
Ms H Fife
Ms L Pickup

In Attendance
Cllr B Scaplehorn

Mr G Martin
Mr D Lambton
Ms M Johnson
Cllr D Trueman
Cllr H Trueman

Approximately 40 residents attended.

  1. Minutes of previous meeting were approved
  2. Police Report. Incidents included problems with youths, car thefts, other thefts (scrap metal and rabbits) and fire and damage on the Quarry Site. The full Police report is available on the SRVA website. Residents were advised to ensure cars were locked and not to leave any items in unattended cars.
  3. 1940s Weekend: Taking place 28-30 June. There are competitions for the best dressed scarecrow and best decorated house. Anyone wishing to enter must notify the Community Venue by 5pm on Wednesday 26th. Judging to take place on Thursday 27th. There are lots of events taking place including a play written for the 40’s Weekend entitled White Moth and talks by Tom Davidson, a local war veteran. On Friday 28th the Little Theatre from Gateshead have loaned 1940s costumes for children to try on and have their photos taken etc.
  4. Roadworks. These will be taking place during the coming months in various locations in the village including road opposite the Guide Post, Beech Grove/Shelley Ave/Wordsworth Cres junction, and Fell Road. Work on the replacement water main due to start on the 25th should be finished before the 40’s Weekend (thanks to Cllr Scaplehorn for his help).
  5. Hellens Field: Activity has been noted. The Committee is not certain but believe this is due to Northumbrian Water trying to locate the Ancient Wagonways known to be on the field.
  6. Greenbelt: The Public Examination has been completed. Springwell Village was well represented at the three relevant sessions by residents and Residents Association Committee members. We were the only community group to attend although North Hylton was represented by a barrister, who complimented us on doing a very good job. Residents who spoke at the hearings were Liz Reid, Pauline Cooper, George Martin, Michele Johnson, Angela Silk and Ian Edworthy. They all spoke passionately and fluently and residents from the floor showed their appreciation with a round of applause. The Council officers did not seem to be very effective at answering our questions and the developers continued to state misleading and incorrect ‘facts’ eg that the village would die off without lots of new homes to keep it going – despite the school being full and the new houses being on the outskirts of the village and therefore less likely to use village resources and shops. Planning officials were taken to task by the Inspector for the way they were behaving towards residents at the Inquiry. Feedback from the Inspector is expected around Christmas and before then there should be another round of consultation regarding the changes recommended by the Inspector (assuming he recommends any changes). No actual consultation events will take place. There were some follow up articles in the Chronicle and Sunderland Echo quoting comments from Liz and Michele.
  7. AOB –
    a) Criminal activity on the footpath between Highbury Avenue and Heugh Hill. Residents have observed suspicious parked cars and believe the occupants were dealing drugs. The Police will be informed of this. It was also reported that drug taking is being done openly in the bus stop on Peareth Hall Rd/grassy bank. The users are also leaving the bus stop in a dreadful state which poses a health threat to bus users. This was reported to Environmental Health and the bus stop cleaned up promptly, although it is not known if this was by the Council or Nexus. Cllr Scaplehorn was asked to thank whoever did the cleanup.
    b) A resident asked if the Northumbrian Water had put a planning permission request in yet. They were informed that this is still being prepared and Northumbrian Water are considering another consultation exercise.
    c) Cllr Scaplehorn and residents were thanked for their support and guidance throughout the Greenbelt Campaign.
    d) Liz Reid’s Charity Open Garden will take place on Saturday, 1.30 pm onwards and on Thursday 4th July. Liz raises lots of money for charity and everyone is invited to come along for tea/alcohol and cake!
  8. Date & time of next meeting – September (date to be confirmed).

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