29th October – Public Meeting

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Springwell Residents Association Meeting
29th October 2019
Springwell Social Club

Chairperson Ms A Silk
Secretary Ms P Cooper
Committee Members:
Ms C Brown
Mr G Martin
Ms L Reid
Ms H Fife
Ms L Pickup

In Attendance
Cllr H Trueman
Mr Philips Hopps – Washingtong Rotary Club
Ms Fidelma de Faoite – Washington Rotary Club

Mr D Lambton
Cllr B Scaplehorn
Cllr D Trueman

Approximately 35 residents attended.

  1. Minutes of previous meeting were approved
  2. Provision of Defibrillator in the Village. Philip Hopps and Fidelma de Faoite from Washington Forge Rotary Club spoke to the meeting. Their main charity this year aims to install defibrillator machines in strategic sites throughout the Washington area. These would be in places accessible 24 hours a day. They are locked and can only be accessed by users who are in contact with the 999 Service who give access codes and instructions. Following fundraising, the Rotary Club has purchased some defibrillators and has begun a programme of installation. The cost of the machine would be £1500 which the Ward Councillors have agreed will be provided from the Community Chest, leaving three issues for residents – location, maintenance and running costs. Following discussions it was agreed that the best location would be on the wall of the Springwell Village Community Venue. The location is central, has car parking and is easily visible. Maintenance would be a monthly check and an email to the 999 Service. Angela Silk offered to help with this. The running costs would be approximately £30 a year plus occasional costs for replacing parts. It was agreed that residents would need to make donations to cover these costs. A resident who is already involved in a similar scheme in Durham offered to assist with any training needed. This was agreed unanimously in a vote.
  3. Police Report. A copy of the full report is available on the SRVA website. It included thefts from cars. The Police reiterated their advice that residents should not leave anything in their cars. Other incidents included youths climbing on a barn roof and suspicious people walking around the Village.
  4. Bowes Update. Tickets are available for Halloween events and the Bonfire Night event through the website.
  5. Village Update. A Christmas Fayre will be held at the Community Venue on 2nd November. The Social Club has lots of activities planned including Bingo Bonkers and a pantomime (The Little Mermaid) in December.
  6. Closure of Public Footpath. A resident previously raised the issue of the apparent closure of a public footpath on Mount Lonnen. Following contact with the Council, it was confirmed that the Council has not done this. The Rights of Way Officer is currently on leave but will follow up on this issue upon their return. The Chairperson reported that it is possible some residents had closed the footpath following the discovery of drug taking equipment.
  7. Greenbelt: Objection letters had been distributed to all households and 260 had been returned and forwarded to Sunderland Council. SRVA has also submitted a letter. This letter included the Northumbrian Water application as new evidence for the Inspector – the application had not been submitted prior to the Examination in Public. The Inspector is expected to issue his final report in December and the revised plan will probably be implemented in January/February. A resident is progressing plans to put a webcam on Mount Lane to enable traffic to be monitored.
  8. Scope Collection Bin. A collection bin is to be placed in the Community Venue car park for clothes, shoes etc. for the charity SCOPE. It was also noted that some bag collectors are not from genuine charities and residents would be safer taking items to charity shops directly if possible.
  9. AOB – Prowlers have been seen going past houses and checking out cars. One incident took place in Beech Grove at 1.30 am. All such incidents should be reported to the Police to allow them to collate information. Residents were again reminded not to leave anything in cars – even small amounts of money. It was also commented that car keys should not be left near front doors. If keys are kept in a tin it should stop keyless cars being hacked.
  10. Date & time of next meeting – 7 pm, 10th December.

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