2nd April 2019 – Public Meeting

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Springwell Residents Association Meeting
2 April 2019
Springwell Social Club

Ms A Silk

Ms P Cooper
Ms L Pickup

Mr G Martin

Committee Members
Ms M Lambton
Ms M Johnson

In Attendence
Cllr H Trueman

Mr D Lambton
Ms H Fife
Ms C Brown
Ms L Reid
Cllr B Scaplehorn
Cllr D Trueman

Approximately 60 residents attended.

1. Minutes of previous meeting were approved

2. Police in attendance. Full report on SVRA website, main points:-

Five break-ins to vehicles, youths lighting fires to rear of quarry and a domestic assault. Residents were urged to lock their vehicles. A lot of police work is intelligence led so residents were encouraged to report information to police. Off road motorcycles are of concern and police now use DNA spray to help identify offenders. Residents were offered training in the use of hand held speed devices to aid with maintenance of speed limits.

3. Bowes Railway. Site relaunch with opening weekend on Sat 6 & Sun 7 April, 10am-3pm both days. Adults £2, children £1, season tickets adults £5, children £3. Lots of new attractions & free face painting for children. Bowes also launching Heritage Trail walks in May, contact Bowes to book places.

4. Thompsons- Since application submitted in 2016, Thompsons have instigated a number of improvements on site to address noise & dust concerns. The Council requested further information and analysis regarding noise and an assessment has now been submitted by consultants QEM, it is expected that the application will be considered soon.

5. NWL Proposed Reservoir- Council has now given a formal response on the scope of an Environmental Impact Assessment. Full details are on the Council’s website but main points are:
*alternative route for pipeline& construction methods to be included in study due to impact on Springwell Ponds Local Wildlife Site
*need to include chapter on heritage- potential impact on Bowes Railway SAM and there are five areas where further archaeological work is needed
*Council does not agree that operational noise should be scoped out of the EIA- concern that noise will impact on nearby premises
*re landscape & visual- Historic England expect the EIA to contain a thorough assessment of likely effects on Bowes Railway
*removal of materials depends upon the outcome of the Thompsons planning application. Unlikely that construction traffic will be allowed to route along Mount Lane to the west.
Some of these points are helpful to the green belt campaign.

6. Examination in Public/ Green Belt Campaign

Karl, a new resident to the village, read out a poem on his thoughts on the Green Belt and received a warm round of appreciation.

Dates for the EIP are 21, 22, 23 May and 4 ,5, 6, 11, 12 & 13 June. Everybody can attend. The 21 May is very important to us as the consultation process will be examined then, the session on 22 May will examine housing need (am) and housing land (pm.) On Wednesday 5 June Springwell Village will be discussed as part of the allocations for Washington. Everyone is urged to go and SVRA is organizing briefing sessions for those who have registered to speak.
The Inspector has said he will visit sites and areas referred to in the representations again before, during, or after the hearings. He will do these on an unaccompanied basis unless he needs to go onto private land. Those who attend meetings should try to influence him to visit so he can see narrow roads and parking congestion.
It was stressed that as many people as possible should attend the EIP to show support.

7. AOB- The planning application for two dwellings at Warren Lea is still under consideration and has not been determined yet. Residents recalled that both previous applications for two dwellings on this site have been refused.

8. Date & time of next meeting- the Leader of Sunderland Council has agreed to attend the next SVRA meeting in May, this will also be the AGM. Residents to be notified by flyer, website and facebook.

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