4th September 2018 – Public Meeting

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Springwell Residents Association Meeting
7 pm, 4 September 2018
Springwell Social Club


Chairperson Ms A Templeman
Secretary Ms P Cooper
Treasurer Mr G Martin
Committee Members Ms C Brown
Ms M Lambton
Ms M Johnson

In Attendence
Councillor B Scaplehorn
Apologies Ms H Fife
Mr D Lambton
Ms L Pickup
Councillor H Trueman
Councillor D Trueman

Approximately 45 residents attended

1. Minutes of previous meeting – moved and seconded.

2. Police Report. Two Community Support Officers attended the meeting. Reported crime since the last SRVA meeting was:
a. Anti-social behavior – 6 incidents, 5 involved youths and 1 was a noise complaint relating to the Mill House;
b. Crimes – 15 crimes were reported. 6 were thefts, 4 were criminal damage, 1 threat to damage, 1 racial offence, 1 harassment incident, 1 public order offence and 4 domestic violence incidents.
See SVRA website for full report

It was reported that Washington Police currently have an ongoing initiative tackling theft from cars in the area. Residents are recommended that they ensure vehicles are locked, with no items left on view – including charging cables for mobile phones.
There was a discussion about youths setting fires around the Bowes railway tracks. Some of those involved were reported to be older than usual teens eg 19/20 years old.

The Police were asked how they intend monitoring the 20 mph speed limits. The meeting was informed that there are no resources available to monitor on a routine basis. Residents can report incidents if they have dashcam evidence. Another suggestion was to make sure residents keep to the 20 mph which will make all drivers following keep to the 20 mph. Councillor Scaplehorn informed the meeting that the Council is hoping to extend the 20 mph coverage in the Village but they have to follow set consultation procedures with relevant agencies and organisations and that the bus companies can delay this process by several months. The Council has also looked into traffic problems reported by residents at the junction of Springwell Road and Uplands Way but concluded that there was nothing practical they can do. Residents were recommended to take documentary evidence using mobile phones of problems such as parking on pavements.

3. Flood Alleviation Works. The work around Blackberry Cottages is expected to take another 2 weeks. The compound on Mount Lane will then be dismantled and cleared.

4. Bowes Railway. Heritage Open Days 6-13 Sept, 10am- 3pm with Heritage Trail Walks, Lamps & Lights Exhibition & Talk, The Foundry Casting Demonstration. Call or check Facebook for further information.
The Springwell Colliery Banner will be marched and put on display at Washington Carnival on Saturday 15 September

5. Northumbrian Water and proposed reservoir.
Northumbrian Water – request to Council for formal opinion on the scope of an Environmental Impact Assessment of the proposed reservoir site. NWL has highlighted that the land is Greenbelt, designated as part of the Great North Forest as set out in Sunderland’s Unitary Development Plan and crosses Bowes Railway Scheduled Ancient Monument at a point close to Blackham’s Hill Engine Hauler House, also a Scheduled Ancient Monument.

6. Greenbelt Campaign.
The consultation period has now ended. Volunteers worked very hard delivering objection letters, discussing issues with residents and collecting completed forms. 990 signed objections were delivered to the Council. A lengthy and detailed objection was also submitted by the Residents Association. The Council now has to collate and assess the objections submitted for the whole of Sunderland and send comments to the Planning Inspectorate who will then appoint an Inspector. The Residents Association stance is that the Consultation Process was flawed – poorly staffed, inadequate local knowledge etc. A complaint has also been submitted to the Ombudsman. The Chairperson – Angela Templeman, Liz Reid and the local Councillors have asked to speak to the Inspector. It is expected that the process will take over a year. The Leader of Sunderland Council was invited to attend a Residents Meeting. Due to his full diary, he will not be able to attend until the February 2019 meeting. Residents thanked all those involved for their very hard work.

7. Date and time of next meeting – 7 pm, Tuesday, October 16th 2018 at Springwell Social Club.

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