5th September 2017 – Public Meeting

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05 September 2017


Chair: A. Templeman
Vice Chair: M. Johnson
Secretary: P.Cooper

Other committee members:
H. Fife
C. Brown
S. Thomas
M. Lambton

Cllr. H. Trueman
Cllr. D. Trueman

G. Martin
L. Pickup
Cllr. B. Scaplehorn

Council officers had been invited to attend but refused on numerous occasions.

Approx 150 Members of the Public Attended
1.The minutes of the previous meeting were moved, seconded and agreed.

2. Police Report Period 26/6/17-31/8/17: 1 Burglary, 3 Theft, 3 Damage, 3 Common assault, 2 malicious communication, 1 Shoplifting, 7 re noise/parking at Mill House, 1 MV obstruction, 1 intruder at Refuse Disposal works, 5 motorcycle disorder, 1 complaint against male at Fell House (has been evicted)2 youths on quarry site, 1 suspicious male selling goods under young offenders scheme. Also have been vermin shoots at nearby farms and domestic incidents.

3. Village Updates:

a. Decision on Thompsons planning application has been put back to 12 December 2017.

b. Mill House has appealed against the refusal of its planning application for teepees.

c. Paul Armin, Council’s Flood and Coastal Group Engineer has requested to attend our next RA meeting to update residents on plans to resolve Beech Grove and beyond flooding issues.

d. Work between SVRA/ Groundworks/Village school progressing- this Autumn school children will be planting bulbs in tubs outside the Nisa shop. Volunteers needed to help.

e. Dog poo bin now in Seldom Seen again – situated on lamp post near the raised flower beds. Residents are reminded not to put dog poo in the rubbish bins in the children’s play area.

4. Greenbelt Campaign: Liz gave details of Housing Release Sites 1,2,3,4 – proposals for 184 houses – potentially 2617 – 3175. She explained that once greenbelt protection had been removed planning applications could then be approved.

Council officers claimed that once this level of development had taken place the greenbelt boundary would be redrawn – there was general disbelief from the floor.
Views/questions from the floor: how have these proposals come about when residents voted unanimously over three years ago to resist all developments on the greenbelt?
The proposed executive housing does not meet the need for houses people can afford.
The population estimates were not properly evidenced.

There were strong views that there were enough brownfield sites for housing – Councillor Trueman agreed and said it was time the Council pressed for development on old industrial sites in Washington and that the Council find ways of making this happen.

Consultation process: Officers had given inconsistent answers. The attendees of the consultation events were disappointed at the response of the planners to the concerns/questions raised and the fact that these concerns were not recorded, it was felt there was no real consultation.

Attendees at events could not get the attention of the very few officers in attendance.
There was very strong support for the campaign to save the greenbelt – no opposing views.

People were urged to sign the objection letters, hard copy petition, epetition and to spread the word re the impact on the village of the current proposals and the need for action.

5. There was a vote of thanks for the Committee.

6. Councillor Trueman invited SVRA to make another application for £1000 from Community Chest towards running costs.

7. A collection raised £186.57

8. next meeting Tuesday 3 October 2017

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