7th June 2017 – Meeting with W & M Thompson

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Meeting Note
W & M Thompson (Quarries) Limited
7 June 2017
Attendees: Aubrey Telfer (Site Manager), Katie Woods,
Helen Fife, Dennis Lambton, Christine Brown, C Liz Reid

1. Christine agreed to siting a dust monitor in her garden.

2. Planning Application – There had been a meeting with Pamela Collins (EHO), Dean Watson (Planning), Highways and Ecologist. The EHO raised issues on noise and dust – further monitoring and modelling has now been submitted. Timescale unclear. Council may refer application to Secretary of State as it iis an applicaiton in the green belt following Cabinet decision.

3. .
Actions now needed:
Finalise site for soil screening
Finalise noise/dust action plan
Submit statement supporting retention within the greenbelt
Submit Ecology Management Plan

4. Environment Agency asked for Emissions Management Plan. Improvements in the last six months include
Openings on buildings being closed up or doors installed – this impacts on noise and dust
Minimix concrete plant has been enclosed
Mound around soil screening area has been constructed – noise measurements have shown significant improvement

There have been no complaints for two months
5. Following complaints re noise and dust, the EA organised a meeting with residents and Thompsons. Outcomes include
Soil screening plant will be moved to a site further away – variations on permits and planning app will be needed. This will reduce activity in the areas closest to Railway Close

6. Operating hours – 7am-6pm. Now strictly enforced. No vehicles or equipment are started before 7.00 am

7. Dennis enquired about AA Construction’s vehicles coming through the village – they do not belong to Thompson’s who have repeatedly asked them not to do this. SVRA agreed to inform police.

8. Council expected to take Stage 2 Review of Greenbelt to cabinet at the end of June.

9. Next meeting – to be arranged

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