8th January 2019 – Public Meeting

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Springwell Residents Association Meeting
7 pm, 8th January 2019
Springwell Social Club

Chairperson Ms A Templeman
Secretary Ms P Cooper
Treasurer Mr G Martin

Committee Members
Ms C Brown
Ms M Lambton
Ms M Johnson
Ms H Fife
Ms L Pickup

In Attendence
Councillor B Scaplehorn

Mr D Lambton
Councillor H Truman
Councillor D Trueman

Approximately 35 residents attended

1. Minutes of previous meeting – moved and seconded.

2. Police Report
No Police representatives were in attendance but provided a report listing 10 incidents. The full report from the Police can be found on the SRVA website. It was noted several of the incidents involved unlocked cars. Residents were reminded to ensure cars were locked and no valuable items left visible in cars.

3. Safer Streets. Ryan Hughes from the Safer Streets Company gave a presentation regarding private security patrols. This is a very new business which provides patrols 7 days a week, up to 10 times a night, for areas that pay for their service. Individual residents would have to sign up and pay the company approximately £200 a year each.The aim is prevention of crime. Questions were asked about what the Police thought about the business and insurance implications. Mr Hughes replied that the business is still in very early development and as yet have not met with the Police or sorted out the insurance question yet, It was suggested to Mr Hughes that he return at a later date when more information would be available.

4. Bowes Railway. The Bowes Railway is closed to the public until the first week in March whilst work is undertaken.

5. Village Updates
a) 20 mph zone. Councillor Scaplehorn confirmed the Council cannot enforce the speed limit as that is the responsibility of the Police. He is pursuing the installation of flashing signs and hopes to be able to provide the funding for the signs from the Councillors funds. It was suggested that all residents drive at 20 mph and that non-residents might then get the message.

b) Northumbrian Water have submitted a request for a further opinion on their Environmental Assessment re the proposed development. An amendment to the proposed pipeline location should avoid sensitive ecological sites where great crested newts have been found. There are also believed to be archaeological sites going back to the Iron Age.

6. Development Plan/Greenbelt Campaign.
a) Ms L Reid reported on this issue. The Council submitted their Development Plan to the Secretary of State in December without taking any notice of residents objections. An independent Program Officer has been appointed by Central Government but this person previously worked for Sunderland Council and will be based in Council offices. A Planning Inspector will be appointed.

b) The Plan will be divided into topics such as land, transport etc. and each topic will be examined separately. Before meeting with the Inspector we will have to submit a summary of our concerns and this has to be different from our previous submissions.

c) If we wish to challenge the consultation process we need evidence that it was faulty before the Inspector will consider it as an issue. This will be very difficult to prove. We are trying to check the comments and objections uploaded to the Council website from all objections submitted. This is a massive task due to the way the computer program has been constructed, with limited search options.

d) As much publicity as possible is needed. The Committee have emailed and contacted as many people and organizations they can think of eg MP’s, councilors, newspapers but with no response. Any residents with links to media etc. are asked to contact the Committee.

e) There was a discussion regarding the role and voting on the Plan by the Ward Councillors. Councillor Scaplehorn explained that they were very limited in what they could do. They were not able to vote for or against the various parts of the Plan (eg Greenbelt), just one vote was allowed for the whole Plan for the whole of Sunderland. Residents commented on how professional the SRVA response was and thanked the Committee for its work, especially Ms Reid and Ms Cooper who had done most of the work.

f) Next steps. We have to wait for a date for the Inquiry, possibly in the Spring. The SRVA Committee will attempt to draft a plan of action for the next meeting. The Leader of the Council has agreed to attend the next meeting. Suggestions included a march, stopping traffic and liaising with other groups. Residents were asked to take photos of traffic jams and problems within the Village and send them to the SRVA website to provide evidence.

7. Any Other Business.

a) Street Lighting. Lighting outside the school has not been working. Councillor Scaplehorn offered to deal with this.

b) Springwell Village Social Club. The meeting was informed that it is membership renewal time at the Club and that new members were very welcome to join at a cost of £6.50 a year. Refurbishments are planned and the upstairs room is available to hire.

8. Date and time of next meeting – 7 pm, Tuesday, 19th February, 2019 at Springwell Social Club.

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