Annual Report 2016/17

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Residents continued throughout the year to support the Association with attendance at meetings averaging around 60 and were particularly responsive in making their views known on planning applications with online registrations and completing letters of objection.

Generally in the Village;
• Survey work to inform the design of a scheme to alleviate flooding in the Beech Grove area and other areas was completed in March. Construction is expected to begin late 2017.
• Seldom Seen – SVRA has continued to work closely with Councillors and Council officers on maintenance issues in the wake of more budgetary constraints and consequent reduction in service provision. A new seat has been installed by the Council and volunteers have completed replanting of the raised flower beds.
• SVRA has been active in developing relationships with organisations that can help with general maintenance in the village – Washington Trust, Gentoo and Groundworks have advised on volunteering and attracting grants and tapping into manpower resources
• Grants have been received from Washington Development Corporation Trust and Gentoo to buy plants.
• Regular meetings with Thompsons have improved relationships generally and allowed for quick resolution of problems. Residents voted to object to a current planning application to extend the operating licence.
• Springwell Village Community Venue has been represented at public meetings to give information and updates on the plans for a weekend to commemorate the second world war.

Relationships with Bowes Railway have continued to be strengthened with SVRA members volunteering at the site and generally becoming more involved. Bowes Railway is represented at SVRA public meetings and give regular updates on their events and activities.

Eighton Banks residents have continued to support the greenbelt campaign and information is regularly shared on their social media page.

Green Belt Campaign
Planning Applications on greenbelt land:
1. To build 2 dwellings at Warren Lea – SVRA coordinated response by drafting letters of objection. 394 objections were listed. The application was refused
2. Conversion of garage to dwelling at Havannah Farm was refused. The applicant appealed and the appeal was refused.
3. Retrospective planning approval was refused for the erection of tepees at the Mil
House pub.

Local Plan:
a. There has been no further consultation on the Local Plan – there is no indication when this will be progressed.
b. A planning application was submitted by a developer on the proposed IAMP site for industrial and commercial units.

Finance and Fundraising

Grants of £400 from Washington Development Corporation Trust and £250 from Gentoo were received to buy plants for tubs and flower beds.


SVRA would also like to thank the many residents and local businesses who have supported the work so far.

Challenges for the coming year

Sunderland Council will need to continue to develop the Local Plan and it is expected that important consultations will take place – preparing responses is at the heart of SVRAs work in 2016-17 as one of the main aims of the organisation’s constitution is to protect the greenbelt envelope of the village. This will include researching planning law, keeping residents informed and drafting suitable responses to reflect the views of members.

The Council is facing massive budget cuts and services are very likely to be further affected. If Springwell Village is to maintain it attractiveness and standards of maintenance, many more volunteers are needed to carry out general work. Despite constant complaints about litter and dog fouling people continue to abuse the environment. There are major challenges in changing people’s expectation that the Council will provide enough services to tackle these things and in affecting changes in behaviours to minimise them. If we want to continue to live in a decent place we have to do more work ourselves.

SVRA will continue to work with
• The Council – to influence the emerging Local Plan and to ensure residents’ views are known
• Local businesses – to seek their support for issues affecting Springwell Village
• Outside agencies – to get as much advice and support as possible
• Press – to gain public support where appropriate

We would like to say “thank you” to everybody who has supported the residents of Springwell Village – volunteers, local businesses, Campaign for Protection of Rural England, Washington Development Trust, Washington Development Corporation Trust, Gentoo, Bowes Railway, Springwell Village Community Venue and Ward Councillors – Harry and Dorothy Trueman and Bernie Scaplehorn


(from the Auditors Report)

Much appreciated donations have been received from residents at meetings and there have been raffles. The Committee seeks the endorsement of residents of the way in which funds have been used to promote and uphold the aims and objectives of the Association.

Balance in bank
Carried forward 708.58

Description INCOME   Description EXPENDITURE
cash 15.18   Website registrations 22
Donations 342.75   Ink/paper/hose 103.65
Raffle 51   Shears 7.99
Grants W.D.C.T 550   Plants 400
Go Fund Me 81   Phone 10
      Transfer to funds account 200
Total 1039.93   Total 743.64
Total in Treasurer Account 1004.87      
Total in Funds Account 200      
Total Funds in Bank 1204.87    

NB: Funds Account was opened to enable people to directly make donations

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