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Northumbrian Water Q and A – 3rd October 2017

Questions and Answers from Springwell Village Resident’s Association Meeting 03 October 2017 Has work already started on site? There will be no work starting on construction of the reservoir until a planning application has been approved. A fence and gates have been installed to mark the boundary of the site and an existing water trough  … Read more

Northumbrian Water – 29th November 2016

Springwell Village Residents Association Meeting – 29 November 2016 Northumbrian Water Q & A Session Where will the access road to the Hellens site be situated? The proposed access road is from Mount Lane, on the eastern side of the site. There will be a requirement from the Councils Highway Department to have a separation  … Read more

Northumbrian Water – 26th July 2016

Springwell Resident’s Association Meeting – Tuesday 26 July 2016 Northumbrian Water presentation and answers to questions Proposed Storage Reservoir at Springwell Village The use of water varies throughout the day with large peaks of use in the morning and early evening with very low demand during the night. The treatment works producing our drinking water  … Read more