Meeting with W and M Thompson – 15th August 2016

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Meeting Note
W & M Thompson (Quarries) Limited
15 August 2016

Attendees: Aubrey Telfer (Site Manager), Pauline Cooper, Helen Fife, Maureen Lambton, Dennis Lambton
James Kirkup (Environment Agency) invited but did not attend.

1. Thompsons complying with dust and noise regulations but continuing to work with the Environment Agency to determine where further improvements might be made.

2. Noise Issues: the breakdown of an onsite excavator resulted in Thompsons having to hire a ‘pecker’ for two days until repairs could be carried out.

3. Dust Issues: Samples of crushed products are taken and analysed by an independent consultant on a monthly basis and no harmful substances have been found.

4. Bowes Railway: Thompsons and Bowes Railway are continuing to liaise re fencing to their mutual boundary and possible screening of the Thompsons site with planting.

5. Bunding: work is ongoing.

6. Landscaping: Future works to include maintenance of trees and the pond at the east end of the quarry- discussions with ecologists from Council are ongoing.

7. Anti-Social behaviour: Perimeter fence has recently been breached in three places. Fencing contractor to repair these and the damage to fencing beside the ‘kissing gate’ on Windsor Terrace.

8. Wheel Wash: work is in progress to improve the effectiveness of the wheel wash.

9. Next meeting to be arranged.

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