Meeting with W and M Thompson – 17th November 2016

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Meeting Note
W & M Thompson (Quarries) Limited

17 November 2016

Attendees: Aubrey Telfer (Site Manager), Katie Woods, Ryan Molloy
Pauline Cooper, Maureen Lambton, Dennis Lambton, Liz Reid

1. Timescales for delivery of mitigation measures:
a. Noise: SVRA explained residents’ concerns about level and their complaints about noise outside of approved operating hours.
i. Bunding around the soils screener in the middle of the site will be retained regardless of the outcome of the planning application. However, the bund around the south of the site may not be constructed unless planning is granted.
ii. Roller shutter doors – in the process of being done – the frames are visible. Sheds have been re-clad to minimise noise. Environment Agency assessing according to British Standard. The current planning permission allows noise level of 55dBA. The noise assessment in the planning application is aiming at 10dBA above background. However, Thompsons is working with the Environment Agency to seek to reduce the noise to 5dBA above background and it is likely that details will be submitted to amend the application.

b. Dust: SVRA stressed the concerns of residents and their complaints that the dust has increased over the past 2-3 years.
i. suppressors in place and sprays are used on the crusher.

ii. Content analysis – tabled at the meeting – to be put on website. Thompsons has asked their consultants about further analysis (asbestos). Surprised at complaints that dust levels have increased over recent 2-3 years because there are fewer dust creating activities and more measures to suppress it – road surfaces are better. Waste disposal ceased 7 years ago – Tarmac site closed 3 years ago. However, if complainants keep diaries, the dust levels can be measured against wind to see if this has an impact.

iii. Road cleaning – contracting out (Go Plant) for 3-5 days washing entire width of road, as well as Thompsons company vehicle. Road will be washed every weekday

2. Direct complaints re noise and dust – none. Some received via Environment Agency

3. Operating hours – 7am-6pm. Wagons leave from about 6.45am. There is definitely no activity outside those hours

4. Tripwire – in place at the weighbridge exit – we saw it

5. Planning Application – no indication of when it will be considered – currently the Environmental Health comments have not been submitted. Thompsons keen to continue working with residents and plan to improve on dust emissions and noise. They expect the conditions – that the Local Authority will draft – will include higher standards. Those set out within planning conditions remain constant however, the Environment Agency will demand they continue to improve according to best practice at the time.

Planned improvements are to tarmac the internal roads – but this will be dependent on a planning approval as otherwise the investment (around £100k) cannot be justified

6. Wheel Wash: work is in progress to improve the effectiveness of the wheel wash.

7. Next meeting to be arranged.

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