Meeting with W and M Thompson – 27th May 2016

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Meeting Note
W & M Thompson (Quarries) Limited
27 May 2016

Attendees: Aubrey Telfer (Site Manager), Ryan Molloy (Thompsons -Environment) James Kirkup (Environment Agency), Pauline Cooper, Helen Fife, Maureen Lambton, Dennis Lambton

1. It was explained to James Kirkup (Environment Agency) that SVRA working group meets regularly with Thompsons to discuss residents’ issues. These meetings are minuted and the outcome reported back to residents at the following RA meeting, after which the minutes are posted onto SVRA website.

2. Dust Issues: Following two site visits by the Environment Agency various improvements to dust management will be made. These include reinstatement of a dust suppressor on the crusher and use of a mobile trailer with irrigation sprinklers and wander hoses. As well as Springwell Road being cleaned the sweeper now cleans the path. 95% of incoming waste rubble material comes from Thompsons own contracts, this material is assessed at site before being sent to Springwell. Thorough checks are made on all other third party deliveries. Samples of crushed products will be taken and analysed by an independent consultant on a monthly basis.

3. Scrap metal: recent scrap metal on site has now been disposed of. In future, scrap metal will be stored beside the crusher until it can be disposed of. Thompsons are working on a noise management plan in conjunction with the Environment Agency.

4. Bowes Railway: it is hoped to develop Bowes Railway as a major tourist attraction. SVRA working group suggested that trees could be planted to screen the quarry along the route taken by trains. Aubrey was amenable to the idea but the proposal would need to be agreed by residents. Thompsons have donated stone to Bowes for the repair of its damaged wall on Springwell Road. Bowes will carry out the stone cutting themselves on the Thompsons site and will submit a detailed risk assessment and method statement before any works commence.

5. Bunding: work is ongoing and will take a long time to be completed but would ultimately provide good screening and noise reduction. Thompsons offered to work alongside Bowes Railway on this, SVRA to provide contact details.

6. Landscaping: Future works to include tree maintenance in and around the pond at the east end of the quarry, these works yet to be agreed with Sunderland council.

7. Anti-Social behaviour: repairs to perimeter fencing have been completed following vandalism. Aubrey to look into damage to fencing beside the ‘kissing gate’ on Windsor Terrace.

8. Wheel Wash: improvements to improve effectiveness of the wheel wash are being implemented.

9. Next meeting to be arranged.

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