Meeting with W and M Thompsons – July 2015

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Meeting Note

W&M Thompson (Quarries) Limited

03 July 2015

Attendees: Aubrey Telfer (Site Manager), Katie(RP Wood Planning) Ryan (Thompsons -Environment), Pauline Cooper(Secretary– Springwell Residents Association, Maureen Lambton, Dennis Lambton, Helen Fife, Liz Reid

1. Current issues: overhanging trees had been cut down within a few days of being asked Mounding had been reduced and outlook for residents much improved

2. Stone winning – over 300,000 tons remain mainly to the east of the site (mainly where Tarmac was located and underneath existing buildings) There is no intention at the moment

3. The planning consent covers quarrying of stone and infilling with waste – “inert” construction waste is currently used to infill.

4. The current landfill site is not full.

5. Landscaping – approx. 60% of the site has already been landscaped but needs to be improved. The existing fencing could then be removed and a new fence erected closer to the working area to give residents access to more of the landscaped area. The new fence would need to be robust and secure to prevent access for safety reasons. The new fence could be screened with planting. Plans will be forwarded so that residents can comment on

6. Results of noise surveys were tabled. Thompson’s propose to increase bunding to reduce noise in the south west of the site – plans were produced for the information of residents.

7. Thompson’s was not consulted on Phase 2 of the Taylor Wimpey development. They will object to future housing proposals in the vicinity of their site.

8. Next meeting to be arranged, to take place in around 6 weeks time.

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