Meeting with W and M Thompsons – November 2015

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Meeting Note

W & M Thompson (Quarries) Limited

20 November 2015

Attendees: Aubrey Telfer (Site Manager), Katie(RP Wood Planning) Ryan (Thompsons -Environment)

Pauline Cooper (Secretary– Springwell Residents Association, Maureen Lambton, Dennis Lambton,

Apologies: Helen Fife, Liz Reid

1. Request for Thompsons rep to attend SVRA meetings in support of greenbelt campaign: to continue liaising with SVRA working group. See attached letter from Thompsons.

2. Road cleaning at weekends: Thompsons will now clean Springwell Road on Saturdays as well as their existing daily schedule.

3. Resident who reported ‘sore eyes’: None of Thompsons staff have reported suffering from this complaint. Aubrey happy to discuss with resident concerned and his contact details were passed to resident by SVRA but as yet resident has made no contact.

4. Clay removal: clay is currently being removed from the site which will be reinstated on completion of the work.

5. Front entrance to Thompsons: (1) footpath has been damaged by vehicles exiting site. Quotes for remedial work are being sought, with the intention of installing ‘titan’ kerbs and altering the kerb lines. Access will be maintained for prams, disabled users and pedestrians

(2) pothole on Springwell Road will be levelled and made good.

6. Fast Flow and Murphy vehicles coming through the village: Thompsons have spoken to the operations managers of both these companies to make them aware that this practice is prohibited.

7. Environment Agency: have inspected the site and were happy with the’ wheel wash’ but gave suggestion on how it could be improved. Thompsons will comply with recommendation. Springwell Road found to be stained in places which can be mistaken for dirt.

8. Next meeting to be arranged.

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