Police Report: 13/04/18 – 28/05/2018

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Springwell Residents Association
Police Report
13th April- 28th May 2018

150418 0718: INTRUDERS NOW – NATURAL STONE QUARRIES- Caller concerned as sighted two youths walking through the Quarry. Area search by police was negative. No signs of youths.

200418 1454: CONCERN FOR FEMALE -BOWES RAILWAY MUSEUM- Ambulance called as youth intoxicated. On arrival there was a large group of youths drinking and causing disorder. Patrols increased over Friday evenings.

250418 0201:THEFT FROM STORE – NISA LOCAL- Male entered store stole twelve bars of chocolate and concealed them in jacket. Made off in a vehicle. No Vrm, CCTV seized by RWD.

260418 0986:SUSPICIOUS MALES -ALBION TERRACE- Three unknown males, caller stated they looked suspicious. No one sighted by officers

280418 1257: INTRUDER ON SITE – MOUNT LANE- Esh building site, male trying to open cabin doors. Dog section attended, male left. Nothing damaged or stolen.

020518 0060: SUSP VEH – MILL HOUSE HOTEL- Vehicle uplifted by Traffic officers for no insurance and no substantive licence.

030518 0318:BURGLARY DWELLING – WINDSOR TERRACE- Caller stated parcel had been taken from Kitchen Bench. However later rang stating her Grandson had removed parcel. No Crime.

060518 0112:TROUBLE RE MALE -SPRINGWELL SOC CLUB – Unknown male banging on windows asking for a lighter. Male left before police arrival. No offences.

060518 1058:COMPLAINT RE YTHS – FELL PLACE – Group of male and female youths making their way to what caller believes was the railway lines. Patrols on- going weekend evenings to stop this activity.

070518 1186:EGGS ON THE DOOR -FERNDALE TERRACE – Eggs thrown at a property windows. We cleaned off with minimal effort. Ongoing patrols in area.

080518 0243 :THEFT FROM VEHICLE – ROSEBANK COTTAGES – Caller left vehicle unlocked. Laptop was taken from passenger seat.

110518 1453:SUSPICIOUS YOUTHS -SPRINGWELL ROAD- Four Male youth seen running in and out of stable block. Area searched by officers no one present.

160518 0907:COMPLAINT RE MOTORBIKE HEUGH HILL,SPRINGWELL- Park area off road bike. Enquiries ongoing, any intelligence on bikes much appreciated in summer months where they become a regular problem. Please Note we are not Legally ALLOWED to persue these bikes.

180518 0013:INTRUDER ON SITE – MOUNT LANE,SPRINGWELL- Esh building site. Male had caused no damage or stolen anything.

180518 0074: THEFT FROM M/V – 12 BADGER MEWS – Window smashed and a Tom Tom Sat Nav Stolen. No one seen or heard.

180518 0145:THEFT FROM M/V – RATHLYN,PEARETH HALL- Window smashed, loose change and receipts taken.

190518 0892:COMPLAINT RE YOUTHS – SPRINGWELL VILLAGE HALL – Three youths throwing ball off community centre and asked to move. Gave a some cheek but moved on. No damage caused.

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