Police Report: 14/01/20

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Springwell Residents Meeting 21/01/20

Police Report 


05/11/19 – Complaint re males (Railway Close) – 3 males throwing fireworks towards cars and houses.

09/11/19 – Theft from store (Nisa Local, prospect terrace) – 1 male, stole 4 bottles wine.

13/11/19 – Suspicious Vehicle (Wordsworth Crescent) – White van with “Fresh Fish” written on the side.

17/11/19 – Suspicious Incident (Highworth Drive) – CCTV picking up youths trying car doors in the street and walking away.

17/11/19 – Attempt Theft (Bowes Gardens) – Vehicle being ransacked. 

17/11/19 – Vehicle Interference (Heugh Hill) – Person, gaining entry to vehicle.

18/11/19 – Interference with Car (Shelley Avenue) – Person, gaining entry to vehicle.

18/11/19 – Theft from Vehicle (Aldsworth Close) – No force entry into vehicle and tickets stolen from glove box. 

04/12/19 – Burglary (Low Mount Farm) – Quad Bike stolen, chainsaws, stihl saw, padlocks and chain.

06/12/19 – Theft from Vehicle (Heugh Hill) – Car searched and spare car key taken.

06/12/19 – Theft from Vehicle (Heugh Hill) – Entry gained without damage or force, nothing taken from the car. 

06/12/19 – Vehicle Interference (Highworth Drive) – Persons trying door handles in the street.

31/12/19 – Complaint re two males (Peareth Hall Farm) – Two males sat in two different cars on farmers land. 

02/01/20 – Attempt Theft Motor Vehicle (Bowes Gardens) – Vehicle has been opened and searched.

02/01/20 – Car Break In (Heugh Hill) – Car has been searched but no damage caused. 

  • As you can see there have been a number of vehicles that have been either broken into or that have been left open overnight. Increase in people searching through cars for money or personal belongings within.
  • Arrests have been made and enquires are ongoing in relation to the vehicle crime. 
  • Please Make sure all vehicles are locked at all times when not in use. It is easy for a thief to access if they are unlocked!! Make sure any valuables are not left in vehicle overnight.
  • There has been no reports of youth Related anti-Social behaviour in this period, However, that’s not to say there hasn’t been any. 
  • Please report any non -emergency incidents in the usual manner via 101.

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