Police Report: 16/01/18 – 26/02/18

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19/01/18 – Complaint Re youths- Somerford – Youths removing wheelie bins caller believed they were taking them to light fires.

04/02/18 – Suspicious males – Caller stated two males were in her garden possibly scrap men, made a search of garden then made off. We have VRM of vehicle, no reports on it however make residents aware to keep things locked up in sheds etc ( usual crime prevention advice should suffice)

05/02/18 – Suspicious vehicle – As Above

07/02/18- Thompsons of Prudhoe- Intruders on site, two male youths- Mobile security attended site no youths present, no damage or any vandalism caused

09/02/18 – Complaint Re youths – Youths taking wheelie bins down track behind Bowes- Area searched by neighbourhood team (no-one seen)

12/02/18 – Suspicious Males – Winston court- two males attempting to sell tea towels etc job states that these males had id badges from the cleveland area, males left in a happy manner. Please remind residents of the importance of not letting strangers into their property or buying anything over the doorstep. We are monitoring this.

13/02/18 – Theft of mountain bike (Burglary OTD) overnight. U/K persons gain access to shed via removal of padlock, shed alarm goes off. Reported next morning.

13/02/18 – Burglary OTD- Lock cut from shed (likely same persons as above) shed searched, nothing removed.

13/02/18 – Burglary OTD – Shed door found wide open, nothing taken. (all above Meadowfield, Badger mews Fairhaven and occurred overnight)

16/02/18 – Burglary OTD – No known time scale however I would assume perhaps linked to the above. Nothing taken.

17/02/18 – Theft of motor vehicle- No signs of glass on pavement, IP has keys. ( Red Bungalows) still outstanding as stolen, enquires ongoing. (JAGUAR XJ8 Silver)

21/02/18 – Possible Bogus caller- Was a genuine call from G4S all confirmed with company.

21/02/18 – Complaint Re motorbikes – West View ( OFF ROAD BIKES, usual reports were possible, please remind residents of noting any info they can about these bikes, vrms, colours, helmets, possible addresses, garages, meeting points etc)

16/02/18 – Bowes/Lines mass group of youths dealt with by our neighbourhood team and Gateshead Team, Anti- social behaviour forms issued (for early intervention team. We have a project ongoing whereby social services team can visit and give early advice for issues before they become out of hand), alcohol confiscated. We will be monitoring and patrolling this area every weekend lateshift.
These are most likely the youths that are taking the wheelie bins.

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