Police Report: 04/10/2017 – 13/11/2017

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DAMAGE TO UMV UPLANDS WAY ( wing mirror damaged, ip stated neighbour had chased some youths away prior to this. No known offenders )

SUSPICIOUS VAN NY52WXH :BEECH GROVE ( blue transit van driving slowly around the area and seemed to be looking through peoples windows , no other reports and vehicle came back insured etc)

VEHICLE OBSTRUCTION:SPRINGWELL ROAD ( car moved by the time PC attended) :1,ALBION TERRACE ( owner moved vehicle after been contacted)

THEFT OF 3 MOUNTAIN BIKE:25,MEADOWFIELD ( theft of three pedal cycles from garage. Garage was not broken into but had been left open)

DAMAGE TO VEH- NX57RYW:MILL HOUSE HOTEL ( Ips windscreen whilst parked in pub car park was smashed)

BURGLARY DWELLING:WORDSWORTH CRESCENT ( unknown offender approaches locked secure property enters rear garden via garden gate. Jemmys patio doors to enter property. Items taken to the value of £3500 including computer equipment and so forth)

COMP RE YOUTHS:WORDSWORTH CRESCENT (wheelie bin thefts by unknown youths, who apparently were taken to the railway lines to be burnt on a bonfire. This is a common theme across the whole of Washington during the run up to bonfire night)


STOLEN CHILDS BUGGY:HEUGH HILL (child’s buggy lying at side footpath taken by scrap van)

DAMAGE TO FENCE:STONEYLEA (unknown persons/youths have spray painted on IPs fence)

Report re youths potentially sniffing aerosols in the park. Please report any suspicions.

Officer prepared to help with the children from the school with planting bulbs etc
No reports yet re motorbike disorder but residents asked to please call 101 and give as much detail as possible to the call takers or email Mel Cody with the intelligence. Police unable to pursue pursue motorbikes, hence reason why details are needed.

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